Vlooyberg Tower heavily damaged after explosion

juni 30, 2018 admin

The iconic Vlooybergtoren, a watch tower in Tielt-Winge (Flemish Brabant), was heavily damaged last night by an explosion. The watch tower gained renown through the TV series “Callboys”. Mayor Rudi Beeken says “there are clear signs that it was not an accident”.

“The local police chief called me from my bed at 3AM”, Beeken (Flemish liberal told the VRT. “His people were at the tower and found it was heavily damaged. There had been an explosion; apparently someone had detoned something at the bottom.”

The watch is a local tourist attraction and will have to be closed for a couple of months. “It’s such a shame, because just now the summer holidays are starting. I have no idea why someone could have done such a thing. This is the worst kind of delinquency if you ask me.”

The Vlooybergtoren is a state-of-the-art staircase which was built 5 years ago. One year later, it received a prestigious architecture prize. The investigation to find those responsible is going on.


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