Spiral straircase - TBWA Belgium

2021 | Artworks | Special structures

TBWA Belgium

Connecting people. Plywood staircase and ramp to connect 2 separate buildings and different levels in one smooth möbius-like curve.

TBWA’s question was to connect 2 separate buildings with 5 different levels with each other, using a monumental design.

Our answer was to create a mixed staircase/ramp in a spiral, never ending loop to join all the floors.  We used a parametric approach using the möbius curve as basic parametric function.

Beside the geometrical constraints, the accessibility for wheelchair users was a logical additional condition.

The final shape was designed using computational optimalisation to fulfill all the geometrical, user and strength restrictions to become a workable  shape with minimal weight.

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    TBWA | Belgium

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    Artworks | Special structures

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