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september 10, 2020 admin

Belfast City Council is comissioned us for the design a new £300,000-to-£400,000 Lemur exhibit at Belfast Zoo

We will create a new ‘Madagascan-themed’ Lemur enclosure at the zoological gardens which first opened to the public in 1934 and now receives more than 300,000 visitors a year.

The project, planned to complete in 2021, will transform a disused aviary enclosure on the 22ha Cavehill site into a landmark new facility featuring an ETFE-clad walkway and hosting several species of lemur alongside some bird, reptile and invertebrate exhibits.

‘Unlike most zoo exhibits, the new exhibit will offer zoo-goers a unique, interactive opportunity. Visitors will get to walk through the lemurs’ exhibit, meeting species such as the red-fronted, the ring tailed and the black-and white ruffed lemur. The walkthrough design encourages guests to directly engage in the habitat of the lemurs. The reinstatement of a walkway within the enclosure will allow visitors a unique vantage point to view the animals within.’

Occupying a dramatic hillside site overlooking the Antrim Road and Irish Sea, Belfast Zoological Gardens was created in the mid-1930s on land previously used for a public park. Today the 22ha zoo houses 1,200 animals and 140 species.

This project will create a landmark new Lemur exhibit on a plot previously used for an aviary which closed six years ago due to safety concerns. The new installation will include a water feature, climbing options, health facilities and nest sites.

Crown lemurs, red bellied lemurs, black lemurs, red ruffed lemurs, white handed brown lemurs, red collared brown lemurs, brown lemurs and red fronted brown lemurs may all be housed within the exhibit.


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